Experience Premium Quality with SouthOrd MAX High Yield Lock Picks

SouthOrd MAX series lock picks are machined from high yield stainless steel, the strongest stainless steel from which we can manufacture lock picks.  Without revealing the exact specifics of the steel we use, all of our SouthOrd lock picks, besides the MAX series, are manufactured from full hard spring stainless steel, which has a minimum tensile strength of 185,000 PSI (though the steel we source has higher tensile ratings than industry standards).  It’s a great steel to use for lock picking--  Strong, with a good balance of durability and resiliency, so that the lock picks are neither too brittle nor too malleable.

By comparison, high yield stainless steel, which is used for our MAX series, has a minimum tensile strength of 270,000 PSI--  far stronger than what lock picking requires.  But SouthOrd MAX reflects our very best. 


 The M2000 MAX Lock Pick Set includes an array of our most popular pick designs


Our MAX lock picks receive special treatment in Polishing as well.  We’ve worked to perfect the finish of all of our SouthOrd lock picks, running them through a signature, multi-step process that deburrs the steel, rounds and smooths the edges of our picks, and cleans and finely polishes them to a high shine. 



Our SouthOrd MAX picks are machined by a different process than our regular lock picks because high yield steel is too hard to be manufactured by our traditional production methods.  Additionally, the MAX picks are also run through extra steps in Polishing as well, to ensure the absolute most butter-smooth picking experience we can offer.



The SouthOrd MAX lock picks are designed to be our very best.  We’ve worked to improve and perfect our manufacturing techniques through the years, to produce the strongest and most refined lock picks available on the market.


The M4000 MAX Lock Pick Set, pictured here, is the complete MAX set, with the full line of metal-handled MAX Lock Picks, and the widest array of tension tools of all SouthOrd sets.

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