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Pagoda Stainless Steel Lock Picks

SouthOrd Pagoda lock picks represent the highest quality U.S. manufacturing. We start with spring stainless steel—the tools then undergo a multi-step deburring, polishing, and cleaning process to create a smooth, finished edge. These extensive final steps ensure our Pagoda stainless steel lock picks are the best they can possibly be.

Whether you’re looking for replacement tools or a full kit, you can find everything you need here. In this collection, you’ll find individual Pagoda Lock Picks, as well as the full Pagoda Lock Pick Set. The SouthOrd Pagoda stainless steel lock pick set includes seven multi-peak Pagoda lock picks, an Offset-Diamond (deforest) Slimline Lock Pick, a tapered hook and four tension tools, with a combination of straight and twist-flex, and Standard and Slimline designs, in a genuine leather snapover case. Browse our collection below to learn more about our lineup of Pagoda individual lock picks and full sets. You can build your own set or cover all your bases with our premade Pagoda tool kits. Contact SouthOrd today with any questions or to get started on an order.