FAQ: How Do I Put My Tubular Lock Pick Back Together?

OK, so this may not technically be a Frequently Asked Question, but yes, every once in a while, we'll have customers contact us saying they've disassembled their SouthOrd Tubular Lock Pick and need help reassembling it.  The good news is that assembling our tubular lock picks is really easy!  Plus, it can be helpful, now and again, to remove the collars and picking needles from the pick and clean out the grooves from the pick body-- Grime can build up in the grooves over time, from using the picks in locks, and cleaning out the grooves will help keep the picking needles moving smoothly.

We manufacture three types of Tubular Lock Picks: the TPXA-7 Seven Pin Tubular Lock Pick, designed for 7-pin center tubular locks; the TPXA-8 Eight Pick Tubular Lock Pick, designed for 8-pin tubular locks and 7-pin offset (left and right) tubular locks; and the TPXA-10 Ten Pin Tubular Lock Pick, designed for 10-pin tubular locks.   The TPXA-78, pictured along with our other tubular picks on the Tubular Lock Picks page of our website, is a set including our TPXA-7 and TPXA-8 Tubular Lock Picks for a discounted price.

We're proud to mention, too, that each of our tubular lock picks are precision-machined and assembled right here in Central Florida!

So, for the assembly of our SouthOrd Tubular Lock Picks, if you've ever disassembled yours and have struggled with putting it back together, we made this video just for you.  We hope you find it to be a helpful reference!





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