Lock Picks Manufactured by SouthOrd

SouthOrd Quality Locksmith Tools include our popular Tubular Lock Picks, SouthOrd Electric Picks and Snap Guns, Vehicle Entry Tools and Jims, and our extremely popular Jackknife Pocket Lock Pick Set. Our SouthOrd MAX Lock Picks are made of the strongest and most durable stainless steel in the world, High Yield, with a minimum tensile strength of 270,000 PSI. SouthOrd Standard and Slimline Lock Picks are manufactured from U.S. Full Hard Spring Stainless Steel. 

We offer a full range of lock picking instructional aids, including Lock Picking Books, Lock Picking Videos and DVDs, and Practice Locks.

We are honored to have gained the confidence of so many, and we welcome you into the family of SouthOrd Locksmith Tools.  Please do not hesitate to Call Toll Free 1-877-540-8795 if you have any questions.