Tubular & Circular Lock Pick Sets

Tubular Lock Pick Sets

SouthOrd offers 7-pin tubular lock picks for 7-pin center lock designs. We also offer 10-pin (for 10-pin locks) and 8-pin (for 7-pin offset and 8-pin locks) tubular lock pick tools to ensure you find the right type for your needs. Our tubular and circular lock pick sets are proudly manufactured here in the US using high-quality stainless steel. Between the materials we use and our attention to detail, our tubular lock pick sets are the best in the business. When you buy our products, you’ll see why our company has been around for over 30 years and why our customers continue to come back to us.

In addition to our SouthOrd tubular lock pick sets for sale, we offer transparent models for practice purposes. If you’re looking for quality tubular and circular lock pick sets, you’ve come to the right place.