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FAQ: The SouthOrd E500XT Electric Lock Pick Gun

These recent months, we’ve posted Frequently Asked Questions on our blog.  We’ve talked about which picks are good to use for reaching back picks while minimizing disruption to front pins, we've demonstrated the assembly of our SouthOrd Tubular Lock Picks, and we discussed our textured lock pick grips and different ways to install them easily onto our lock picks. To continue with this theme, we’d like to share how we adjust our SouthOrd E500XT Electric Lock Pick Guns when we build them here, in Central Florida. 

The black adjustment screw on the side of our electric pick’s body controls the throw of the pivot arm, the arm that extends from the end of the pick where the picking needle is inserted.  When the adjustment screw is turned inward, it shortens the length that the pivot arm travels when it vibrates.  Conversely, when the adjustment screw is turned outward, it widens the length that the pivot arm travels when it vibrates. 

Every E500XT Electric Lock Pick, when built, is tested and adjusted for best performance.  We test and adjust our electric picks here by feel, as we believe it is the best way to determine the pick’s performance in the keyway and will give the best result when picking.  Our goal when adjusting each pick, is to achieve the vibration that is most strong and constant:   As the pivot arm vibrates strongly and consistently on the fingertip, so it vibrates strongly and consistently in the keyway to evenly level the pins at the shearline.

The video below talks about our E500XT Electric Lock Pick, and demonstrates how we adjust them:


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