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FAQ: Which Lock Pick is Good to Use for...?

When wanting to reach back pins while avoiding disruption to front pins, our Offset Hybrid, Offset Diamond (deforest-style) and Offset Groove lock picks can make a good choice. 

The Offset Diamond (center, in the photo below) has a wide, flat tip to lift the pin.  The Offset Groove (bottom, in the photo) has a dipped tip for the tip of the pin to sit in, and the Offset Hybrid lock pick (top, in the photo) has a hybrid tip, so its flat tip is more narrow than the Offset Diamond and Offset Groove's, but is a bit wider than a hook-style pick tip.



Offset Hybrid

SLS-17 Traditional Version

MSL-17 Metal-Handled Version

MAX-19 MAX-Series High Yield Version


Offset Diamond

SLS-11 Traditional Version

MSL-11 Metal-Handled Version

MAX-11 MAX-Series High Yield Version


Offset Groove

SLS-18 Traditional Version

MSL-18 Metal-Handled Version

MAX-20 MAX-Series High Yield Version


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