FAQ's About SouthOrd Textured Grips for Lock Pick Handles

SouthOrd's Textured Grips for Lock Picks are a popular choice among our customers and a really nice addition to our lock pick handles.  They can make picking for extended periods a more comfortable experience while still allowing the picks to have excellent feedback in the keyway.  The two most popular questions we get from customers about our grips are:  1) Is there an easier way to slide them on?  and 2) Can they be used on your metal-handled picks?


SouthOrd Textured Grips, in all their glory  ;-)


To the first question, we say yes, there definitely is an easier way to slide them on.  Our textured grips are meant to fit snugly on the picks, so that they do not slide or shift when picking.  They soften when warmed, though, making them slide on more easily.  Here in Florida, we lay them out in the sun for a while, and that softens them nicely.  The grips can also be set in hot water a few seconds to warm, though, or even be microwaved a few seconds each to warm them (don’t put the lock picks themselves in the microwave, of course!).  Rubbing a bit of soapy water on the pick handles also helps the grips to slide on more easily, and works in great combination when the grips are warmed.


Textured Grips pictured with lock picks from our PXS-14 Lock Pick Set,
warming our favorite way:  Under the Florida sun!


As to whether our grips can be used on our picks with rivetless, metal handles, the answer is yes, they can.  Originally, our grips were included exclusively with our PXS-14 14-Piece Lock Pick Set, but in more recent years, we’ve made them available to purchase separately, in our Nine-Piece Textured Grips packet.  Because they were originally designed for the PXS-14 set, they are technically sized to fit our plain lock picks, both from our Standard and Slimline series.  However, they can be installed on our metal-handled picks, as well, particularly when they are sufficiently warmed and with a little soapy water applied to the pick’s handle.


Textured Grip installed on an MP-07 Metal-Handled Short Hook Lock Pick

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