Individual European Slimline Lock Picks

Our individual European slimline lock picks are narrower and thinner than our Standard Lock Picks, and are better suited to fit the small or narrow keyways found throughout Europe, in Japan, and in some locks here in the U.S. They work equally well in our standard U.S. keyways, though, and are even preferred by some U.S. customers to standard-sized lock picks.

Our Slimline Lock Picks are manufactured from 0.022” thick U.S. Full-Hard Spring Stainless Steel.  The steel we source is 20,000-25,000 PSI stronger than industry standards, and we source this specific steel for its durability and its ability to spring back with proper picking techniques.  

We believe that the product you receive should be finished and ready-to-use right out of the package, so our all of our lock picks are run through a full-scale finishing process, unique to SouthOrd picks.  This process deburrs and puts a radius on the edges of our picks.  It smooths the edges and polishes them to a satin finish, then cleans the lock picks to a high-shine. 

All of our lock picks and tension tools are available to purchase individually, so you can try a Slimline lock pick design you’ve not used before, or order extra of your favorites.  Our pre-assembled Slimline Lock Pick Sets are complete and ready-to-go:  We have compact sets with as few as five pieces to extensive sets, designed for the professional locksmith, with as many as seventy-five pieces! 

If you are looking to expand your Slimline series with less-traditional pick designs, check out our Pagoda Lock Picks.  With 0.022” thick steel and a more narrow design, they complement our Slimline series nicely!

And as always, you can contact SouthOrd Locksmith Tools and Supplies with any questions at our toll-free number 1-877-540-8795, or email