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SouthOrd Tubular Lock Picks

In a market saturated with Chinese-made products, our SouthOrd tubular lock picks are some of the finest, precision-machined, proudly-made-in-the-USA locksmith tools available (not that we’re biased!).  We’ve made improvements to our tubular picks over the years-  from fine-tuning the picks’ specs to maximize the locks with which they can be used, to improving the materials from which the picks are made.  These improvements have culminated in our tubular picks’ reputation of being quality, effective tools.   

Our SouthOrd Tubular Picks are constructed from stainless steel and feature adjustable tension.  The stainless steel collar assembly can be tightened or loosened to apply or release tension on the picking needles, for more effective picking. 


We manufacture three models of Tubular Lock Picks.  Our TPXA-7 7-Pin Tubular Pick is designed for use in the most common tubular locks, 7-pin center locks.  Our TPXA-8 8-Pin Tubular Picks can be used in both 7-pin offset left or right tubular locks and in 8-pin tubular locks.  And our TPXA-10 Tubular Picks are, of course, designed for use in 10-pin tubular locks.


All of our tubular picks come fitted with a guide pin, which lines up the picks correctly in the lock, matching the picking needles with the lock’s pins (for the rare lock that does not have the notch in its core to fit the guide pin, tubular picks are available without the guide pin, upon request).  Though the guide pin is not necessary for picking – it is the picking needles that do the picking, and locks can be picked without the guide pin – The guide pin is a recommended feature that assists picking by lining up the pick in the lock effectively.

Below is a pretty cool little video of our tubular picks being machined.  The video moves between two tubular picks.  On one pick, the end and picking needle grooves are being machined.  On the other pick, the top end (the end that fits into the handle) is being machined, and the pick is then ejected from the machine.  As mentioned, our tubular picks are manufactured from stainless steel, but in the video, brass was used for the purpose of the video.




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