Meet the SouthOrd Pen Lock Pick Set!

In prior blogs, we’ve paid homage to our Jackknife Lock Pick Set.  We celebrated its 20th anniversary in March, and we gave a little history of our Jackknife Pick Set  when we introduced the latest model back in August of last year.  Another Pocket Lock Pick Set that we manufacturer, entirely different from the Jackknife, but with its own distinct features, is our Pocket Pen Lock Pick Set.




Like our Jackknife Pick Set, our Pock Pen Pick Set is designed to be a sleek and portable lock pick set.   The Pen Pick Set features a machined and polished aluminum body, with a knurled stainless steel collet nut and end cap, and it is available either with our without a keyring attachment (The set pictured is the keyring set, though someone-who-shall-remain-unnamed apparently forgot to include the keyring in the photography!)




Our Pen Pick Set includes a broad range of lock pick tips-- hooks, rakes, ball picks, diamonds and offset picks—for a total of 16 stainless steel lock pick tips in all.  The pick designs are modeled from our Slimline series (having more narrow profiles), and the picks measure .025” thick.  Four stainless steel tension tools, two with Standard heads and two with Slimline heads, complete the set.




During use, the selected lock pick is tightened snugly in the collet at end of the pick.  Then, when stored, the picks are housed in the body of the pick, and the tension tool is secured at the opposite end, acting as the “pen’s” pocket clip. 




The result is a sleek and compact tool, with a wide array of picks, and portable design.


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