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Our Jackknife Lock Pick Sets are in Production!

We've got our Jackknife Pocket Lock Pick Sets in production, and so for our customers who enjoy seeing works in progress, we thought we'd share a few photos!

This first photo is of our raw aluminum Jackknife handle, right from the CNC machine, before it goes to polishing and anodizing.



Then, the handles are run through polishing, as seen in this photo.  The machine lines have been smooth away, the edges of the handles have been rounded, and the polishing process has produced a satin finish.


Again, here are the handles side-by-side.  The bottom handle is just machined, before polishing, and the top handle has been run through the polishing process.


And in this close-up, you'll see the edges of the polished handle in the front are more refined, giving our handles an overall silky feel.

We are currently running our handles through the polishing phase, from which point they will move on to anodizing.  The final result, once production is complete, will be the black Jackknife Lock Pick Set that is featured on our website!

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