What’s Your Pick??

Over the decades, we’ve had the distinct privilege of being a part of our customers’ lock picking tool selections and a part of their personal choices for individual lock picks.

We’ve learned that some picks, like our Long Rakes, Classic Rakes and Standard and Short Hooks Picks have been consistent top choices by customers over the years, while the popularity of others ebb and flow with time.  The one certainty we’ve learned over the years, though, is that each of our customers is unique.  You may share some similarities in your choices, but you have your own favorite lock picks, your own preferences of pick combinations, your choices of picks handles--  Each person is unique. 


So with that in mind, we manufacture a wide array of lock picks to suit your preferences.    Whether you tackle a lock by raking it open or picking pin-by-pin, we’ve got a full selections of lock picks to rake, lift and reach your way to success. 




We offer a wide range of lock picks sets, from compact 5-piece sets to a full-range 69-pieces.  Sets assembled with Standard lock picks, narrow/thin Slimline lock picks, or MAX high yield lock picks.  Sets with plain handles, rivetless metal handles, textured grips or an interchangeable handle.  Lock pick sets in compact snap-over cases, multi-pocket zippered cases, cases made of Genuine Nappa or Valentino leather, or cases made with vegan leather. 




We offer a wide range of features and a wide range of sets to meet the unique needs and preferences of our customers.  And when customers want to expand their lock pick sets, or just choose picks by-the-piece, all our lock picks are available to purchase individually.  If you need help narrowing down a purchase or finding your favorite piece, just let us know - We're happy to help!


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