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Who is the Locksport Enthusiast

What is Locksport?

Locksport, as defined by Wiki, is “the sport of recreation of defeating lock systems”. And locksport enthusiasts are those who have a curiosity for learning the intricacies of different locking mechanisms and a passion for defeating them in an ethical manner. They thrive on the challenge of being able to bump, pick, or otherwise circumvent any lock system that is placed in front of them.

In the past, lock picking has had a certain stigma attached to it.  Outside of the profession of locksmithing, persons who picked locks were often looked upon as having nefarious purposes. Over the recent decades, however, lock picking, and the challenge of finding flaws in and defeating locking mechanisms, has gained more acceptance and respect, thanks largely to the locksport community.

The locksport community represents a tightly-knit community of locksport enthusiasts that spans the globe. They abide by a strict code of ethics, committing to opening only locks that they own, have the permission from the owner to open, and/or locks that are not in use.  The locksport community acts as an educational outlet. Through group meetings and forums, and at security conventions and special events, the locksport community educates its attendees about locks and presents challenges for the locks to be defeated, with the purpose that better-informed decisions can be made in security choices, and to promote improvements in mechanical security:  for the underlying credo of locksport is responsible full disclosure.

What is Responsible Full Disclosure?

Responsible full disclosure is the commitment, within the realm of security, to inform a manufacturer about a vulnerability or flaw.  The term is often used in cybersecurity, and in many ways locksport and cybersecurity parallel each other. They are committed to find the strengths and weaknesses in mechanical and cyber security, they are committed to work ethically, and when a vulnerability is found in a lock or program, through responsible full disclosure, they inform the manufacturer or designer so that improvements can be made.  

Lockpick Kit Essentials

Of course, locksport enthusiasts respect the security of locks and are committed to practicing ethically, but the driving force behind them, what makes them enthusiasts, is their passion for locks.  It’s the challenge of facing a difficult lock, the determination to pick it- even when it seems undefeatable- and the thrill of picking it open.  

We manufacture a wide selection of lock picking tools to meet the locksport enthusiasts challenges.  With 41 unique lock pick designs (hooks, rakes, deforest lock picks, etc.), and between our Standard and Slimline Lock Picks, Pagodas and MAX lock picks, we’ve got 118 different lock picks to choose from!  And we offer a wide variety of tension tools (tensioner).  All of our lock picks and tension tools are available to purchase individually, or we offer them in a wide range of lock pick sets.

There are many other types of tools you might add to your lockpick kit, and you can find all of them in our selection. Browse around as you look where to buy a lock pick set and shoot us a message with any questions you have. As niche as it may sound, the Locksport and Locksmith industry is growing year over year and has reached over $2 billion. We can help you build a new lockpick kit or add more utility to your current one.

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