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Top Factors to Consider When Buying Lock Pick Training Sets for Beginners

Based on data from the last five years, recent studies show that the locksmith industry has been recording a considerable increase -- 1.2% -- in the number of employees in the industry, which is a clear indication that it's growing.

To pick a lock, simply a lock pick and tension tool is needed (along with the skill and know-how!), but a quality, well-rounded lock picking training kit can supply a sufficient variety of tools to learn from and practice with on a wide range of locks, whether beginning with transparent locks, padlocks or pin tumbler door locks. But how do you determine the best kit to begin and expand your lock picking skill?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a lock pick training kit.

  • Types and Variety of Picks

One aspect to consider when choosing a lock picking training kit is the types of picks. The picks in a lock pick set are designed to pick pin tumbler locks, in general, regardless of the lock brand.  Most people will have a few picks designs that become their favorite go-to picks, and though there are some pick designs that are more popular than others, the favorites are subjective: What may be one person’s favorite go-to picks, may differ from another’s.  Also, the popularity of pick designs can fluctuate over time. Each of our lock pick sets include a range of pick types. In each, you’ll find a variety of rakes, diamonds, hooks and ball picks, to meet your needs, whether you prefer to rake a lock or pick it pin-by-pin, and to supply you the picks that will become your favorites, with back-up picks when you just need a different design.

  • Thickness and Width of the Picks

Our Standard lock picks and Standard lock pick sets are, by and large,  our most popular series of lock picks, both within the U.S. and internationally.  With a thickness of .025”, they are designed to fit our keyways here in the U.S. Some locks, however, have small or narrow keyways, for which our thinner, more narrow Slimline lock picks are more suitable (our Slimline picks, for comparison, are .022” thick).  Locks with small or narrow keyways are more prevalent in countries outside of the U.S, but can also be found in some high-security locks. Because our Standard picks are thicker and wider, they have a more rigid feel, which some people prefer. Because the Slimline picks are more thin and narrow, and can better fit narrow keyways, they are often preferred by people who are more likely to encounter such keyways.

  • Pricing

It is not necessary to purchase an expansive, higher-cost set for lock picking--  Our largest sets are designed with the professional locksmith in mind, who will need them on a day in/day out basis.  Our smallest sets work great for those who have budget in mind, or who are looking for convenience and portability. Consider the price range at which you are looking to spend now--  You can always add individual pieces to your lock pick set later.

  • Quality

Quality is always of the essence when buying a lock picking set. Quality lock pick training tools will consistently deliver a stellar lock picking experience, and can help ensure that, with good picking techniques, your lock picking tools will last.

These are some tips for the beginner to keep in mind when buying a lock pick set or other items from a lock picking training kit.

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