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14-Piece Lock Pick Set - PXS-14
14-Piece Lock Pick Set - PXS-14

14-Piece Lock Pick Set - PXS-14

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The 14-piece lock pick set – PXS-14 was the first set manufactured by SouthOrd and remains one of the most popular. It’s perfect for beginners and professionals who want a go-to lock pick set kit for everyday lock picking. The textured grips included with the set provide comfortable grip during extended lock picking sessions, while maintaining excellent  feedback and stability. With the SouthOrd PXS-14, you’ll enjoy these qualities and more.

The 14-piece lock pick set – PXS-14 represents quality and value and contains everything you need to compromise most pin tumbler locks. With our trusted lock pick kit at your disposal, you can open deadbolts, doorknob locks, most auto locks, and padlocks.

Our set includes the following tools:

  • Nine Stainless Steel Lock Picks
  • One Broken Key Extractor
  • Four Tension Tools
  • Nine Textured Slide-On Grips
  • Durable Zippered Case Available in Genuine Nappa Leather or Vegan Leather

The PXS-14 14-piece lock pick set includes a variety of picks in different styles from our Standard series. The slide-on textured grips help provide comfort, while maintaining feedback inside of the lock when picking.

If you have any questions about our SouthOrd lock picking sets or need help starting an order, contact us today.

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