4 Industries That Utilize Lock Picking

Over the past five years, the locksmith industry has grown by 1.9% to reach $2 billion in revenue as of 2018. Individuals in all kinds of professions are likely practicing with lock pick training kits in order to easily handle any lock-related issue that comes their way during their typical day of work.

From law enforcement to simply entering a tenant's home, here are some industries that rely on professional locksmith services:

Locksmith organizations

Obviously, local locksmiths use all kinds of tools and tactics to help out consumers with their lock-related issues. Locking our keys inside the car or the house -- it's happened to every one of us at some point -- is inevitable. Professional locksmiths will grab their lock picks for cars or homes, head over to a home or vehicle, work their magic, and get their customer back on their way.

Property management

Property managers have to deal with every single issue that happens on the premises. From broken windows and faulty lighting to building codes and parking -- everything. And issues with doors and locks are no exception. Whether it's a small one-bedroom unit or a large renal complex, property managers need to ensure that they can quickly and easily get into any one of their units.

Building maintenance

Similar to property managers, maintenance crews contracted to work in specific buildings need to be able to access rooms and get into buildings quickly. A maintenance worker without proper lock picking tools will have to wait much longer to get into a locked door, which could cause all sorts of problems.

First responders

Our service men and women, such as firefighters, police officers, and other first responders, need to be able to get in and out of rooms and buildings as efficiently as possible. Since these can potentially be life-threatening situations, it's imperative that each emergency responder on the scene knows how to properly and quickly use lock picking equipment.

Whether you're a part of any of these industries or you're just hoping to practice your own lock picking skills, consider purchasing a quality lock pick training kit. If you're a little more experienced, however, and you want to upgrade your equipment, contact SouthOrd to checkout snap guns, electric lock picks, and more advanced lock pick training kits.

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