A Short Introduction to the Fascinating World of Lock Picking

Lock picking is a skill you can see in video games and it seems essential to the plots of most action movies. While it might not present a life-or-death situation, the reality is that lock picking is an excellent skill. And it's fascinating, to boot.

So what do you need to begin your journey as a lock picking hobbyist? Keep reading to learn the basics.

Lock picking is not as simple as it might seem.

It's easy to look at lock picking in the movies and think "I want to learn to pick locks. That looks simple!" Unfortunately, it's a bit more complicated than jiggling a bobby pin around in a keyhole. Lock pick sets come with a variety of tools that, with practice, will help you learn to pick even the most complex of locks. Remember that practice is a key component in learning any new skill, especially lock picking!

There are a few common problems for beginners.

Beginners often run into a few common problems when they're starting out. Even the best lock pick training kit can't prepare you for everything! Sometimes an issue could be using the wrong tool for the lock you're working on. Some other common issues include:

  • Too much/little tension
  • Starting with a high security lock
  • Pins moved improperly
  • No basic knowledge of lockpick sets
  • Practicing on the wrong kinds of locks

Lock picking is a handy skill to have.

Whether you're a lock picking enthusiast or your goal is to become a locksmith, this is an extremely handy skill to have. Learning to work car lock picks and extract keys can be beneficial skills to carry with you.

Collecting locks to practice on is key.

When you receive your first lock pick training kit, you'll be able to practice on all kinds of locks. And if you're a lock enthusiast, this presents a great opportunity to collect some amazing locks to practice on. For starters, clear locks give you the opportunity to see how you're manipulating the inner workings of a lock while you're picking it.

This is just a short introduction to the world of lock picking. Are you ready to learn more?

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