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VERY Limited Quantities Added Back to Stock!

For those of you who may not be familiar with our SouthOrd MAX series of lock picks, this series is manufactured from the strongest type of stainless steel we can use for lock picks: High yield stainless steel, which has a minimum tensile strength of 270,000 PSI!  

Our newest generation of MAX picks is manufactured with our rivetless metal handles-  for which we found most customers prefer, due to their excellent feedback inside of locks.  The prior generation, with ABS plastic handles, will continue to be available while supplies last.

We know some of you really like the design of the ABS handles, though, so we wanted to let you know that we found a few Long Rake (also called "city rake") and Long Sharp Rake MAX Picks with ABS handles, that were previously out-of-stock.  These picks have been added back to our website, and are only available in VERY limited quantity, and ONLY while they last!  


MAX-01ABS Long Rake w/ ABS Handle (.031" thickness)

MAX-12ABS Long Sharp Rake w/ ABS Handle (.031" thickness)

MAX-01B-ABS Long Rake w/ ABS Handle (.023" thickness)




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