IMPROVED! TPXA-10 10-Pin Tubular Lock Pick Now Available!

At the beginning of this summer, we introduced our IMPROVED! Adjustable Tubular Manipulation Lock Picks.  These tubular lock picks now include a removable and replaceable solid guide pin. 

The guide pin's purpose is to help line up the pick in the lock more easily, matching the picking needles with the lock’s pins.  In the past, the guide pin in our tubular picks has been a fixed roll pin, pressed into the pick's body.  The roll-pin style guide pin was not removable, but we offered a repair service to replace a broken guide in the tubular pick, if needed, for only the cost of shipping. We still offer this repair service to our customers who have our tubular lock picks with the roll pin style guide pin.

Our newly IMPROVED! Tubular Lock Picks with the Removable and Replaceable Solid Guide Pin have a solid alloy guide pin for added durability.  This guide pin can also be removed by the user for use in tubular locks that do not have the corresponding notch in the core where normally a guide pin would fit.  And, the new solid guide pin can also be replaced by the user, should replacing the pin become necessary (replacement parts sold separately). 


The IMPROVED! Tubular Lock Picks with the solid guide pins were initially available only in the 7-pin and 8-pin model tubular picks, for the TPXA-7, TPXA-8 and TPXA-78.  But we are happy to introduce that our TPXA-10 10-Pin Tubular Lock Pick with a solid removable/replaceable guide pin is now available to purchase.  Check out the new TPXA-10 10-Pin Tubular Lock Pick with our full line of IMPROVED Tubular Lock Picks!




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