They're Baaaack!!

Sooooo, we’ve been pushing our MAX-07 Standard Hook Pick and our MAX-12 Long Sharp Rake down our production list, but for those of you who have been patiently waiting, we’ve finally got them done!  The MAX-07 and MAX-12 are now available on our website.



If you’re not yet be familiar with our MAX Lock Picks, they are the result of our efforts to produce the very best lock picks available.  Our MAX picks are machined from High Yield Stainless Steel --  the strongest stainless steel from which we can manufacture lock picks.  High Yield Stainless has a minimum tensile strength of 270,000 PSI, compared to 185,000 PSI for Full Hard Stainless Steel, which is much stronger than needed for lock picking, but it produces fantastically durable, resilient lock picking tools.



Our third, and most recent, generation of MAX picks, are constructed with our rivetless stainless steel handles, for comfort and for excellent feedback in the lock.  Third generation SouthOrd MAX picks, machined from .025" High Yield Stainless Steel, are also the first MAX lock picks to go through our signature polishing process, resulting in a smooth, highly polished, absolutely beautiful finish (not that we’re biased!). 



Truly, though, the MAX series, and specifically our third generation MAX series, are the finest lock picking tools we have produced to-date!


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