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MAX-10B-ABS High Yield Lock Pick (.023")

MAX-10B-ABS High Yield Lock Pick (.023")

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In response to the high demand of our European customers, we are introducing a new, thinner line of SouthOrd MAX Lock Picks. With a thickness of 0.023 inch, these new MAX Lock Picks are designed to accommodate locks with small or narrow keyways, but they also work well with standard locks in the United States.

Our new 0.023 inch thick SouthOrd MAX Lock Picks are manufactured of High Yield Stainless Steel, the strongest and most durable stainless available, and feature lightweight ergonomic ABS handles. Type 301 High Yield material is often used for applications requiring extra high strength. It is much harder than Full Hard material, having a minimum tensile strength of 270,000 PSI, compared to 185,000 PSI for Full Hard. Lifetime Warranty (details here).

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