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New! M4000B Ultra-Thin MAX High Yield Lock Pick Set (.020")
New! M4000B Ultra-Thin MAX High Yield Lock Pick Set (.020")

New! M4000B Ultra-Thin MAX High Yield Lock Pick Set (.020")

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NEW! Introducing our thinnest line of lock picks:  The SouthOrd MAX .020" High Yield Lock Picks.

Through our efforts to produce the finest lock picks available on the market, the SouthOrd MAX Series represents our Premium line of lock picks. 

SouthOrd MAX lock picks are machined from High Yield Stainless Steel, the strongest and most durable stainless available, from which to manufacture lock picks.  High Yield Stainless Steel material is much harder than Full Hard material, having a minimum tensile strength of 270,000 PSI, compared to 185,000 PSI for Full Hard, and High Yield Stainless Steel is often used for applications requiring extra high strength. 

Our NEW! SouthOrd MAX Lock Picks Series are machined from .020" thick High Yield Stainless Steel, making them our thinnest line of lock picks, for even more picking room in small and narrow keyways.

SouthOrd MAX Lock Picks feature our rivetless stainless steel handles, providing the user excellent feedback and feel.  They are run through extra treatments in our signature, multi-step polishing process, resulting in ultra-smooth, highly-polished lock picks, for outstanding performance in the keyway. 

This M4000B High Yield Lock Pick Set includes our complete MAX line, with 18 picks with rivetless stainless steel handles in .020" thickness, two double-ended picks in .023" thickness, and seventeen tension tools, in an oversized zipper case made of the finest Valentino leather. Lifetime Warranty (details here).


Set Includes

MAX Lock Picks:

MAX-16B     MAX-20B     MAX-09B     MAX-10B

MAX-17B     MAX-01B     MAX-11B     MAX-08B

MAX-19B     MAX-02B     MAX-12B     MAX-07B

MAX-03B     MAX-04B     MAX-13B     MAX-05B

MAX-14B     MAX-06B     MAX-18B     MAX-15B

Tension Tools:

TW-31     TW-22        TW-24       TW-03     

TW-30     TW-01        TW-02       TW-21

A-2          TW-11        TW-18       TW-20

                TW-62S     TW-23

                TW-60S     TW-63S


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