Introducing our IMPROVED Locksmith School-in-a-Box Lock Picking Training Kit!


Our Locksmith School-in-a-Box Lock Pick Training Kit has been a popular training tool among lock picking students for many years.  This progressive style of learning, by picking a lock with one set of pins, then adding the pins back column-by-column, until picking a 5-pin tumbler lock is achieved, has proven to be an effective technique to learn the art of locksmithing.  The Locksmith School-in-a-Box, featuring five pin tumbler lock cylinders ranging from one up to five sets of pins, and including a sturdy wooden practice stand, utilizes the progressive learning method effectively.

Among the improvements we've recently made to our Locksmith School-in-a-Box, we've taken it beyond an effective learning tool for the beginner, to a lasting practice tool for the experienced lock picker.  This instructional tool now includes five Easy-to-Repin pin tumbler lock cylinders.  So, once the five pin lock is mastered, the user can expand his skill by changing the combination of pins in the locks, or by including security lock pins.  The locks included with the Locksmith School-in-a-Box set are simple to repin and require no specialty tools--  Only a Philips-head screwdriver is needed.

And now, we’ve just added a line of LAB brand lock pins and rekeying products, which can be used with our Locksmith School-in-a-Box.  Pins can be purchased in individual Smart-Pacs, as full-set Refill Packs or as full Rekeying Kits, complete with durable storage case.  We’ve also got a few other essentials for pinning locks, including lock springs, tweezers, pinning mats and more!

For more information, check out the Improved Locksmith School-in-a-Box here!

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