Breaking Down SouthOrd Lock Picks: Part 1


Did you know we have 41 unique lock pick designs?  And did you know that if you add up all of the lock picks from our various series, between traditional picks and metal-handled picks, you’ll have 118 different lock picks to choose from?  Now, divide all those picks among 20+ lock pick sets, and it can be challenging to narrow down which lock picks or lock pick set to choose--  especially if you are new to lock picking, or if you are not yet familiar with our locksmith tools.  So, how does this all break down?

To start, for our lock picks we use two types of steel:  High Yield Stainless Steel and Full Hard Spring Stainless Steel.  Our MAX Lock Picks is the only series that we manufacture from High Yield Stainless Steel.  We detailed their history in SouthOrd MAX Lock Picks: The Lowdown, so we won’t go on about them here.  But in short, they’re awesome!  We love the MAX Lock Picks, and we think everyone should have them, or at least read the blog about them (OK, yes, we are a bit biased!).

All of our other lock picks, though, are manufactured from Full Hard Spring Stainless Steel, and we divide those into three basic series:  Standard, Slimline and Pagoda.  The Standard and Slimline series include classic pick designs such as rake, hook, diamond and ball picks, as well as the offset and hybrid designs that have become popular in more recent years. 

The main difference between the Standard and Slimline series, though, is in the width of the picks’ shaft and in the thickness of the steel used.  Our Standard series is manufactured from .025” thick stainless steel while our Slimline series is .022” thick.  The shaft of the Slimline picks is narrower, as well, so the combined thinner steel and more narrow design make the Slimline series ideal for use in locks with small or narrow keyways.  The Slimline series works equally well in broader keyways, though, where a narrow pick would not normally be needed. 


From Left: MP-07 Standard Hook vs. MSL-07 Slimline Standard Hook;
MP-09 Classic Rake vs. MSL-13 Slimline Classic Rake;
MP-11 Long Rake vs. MSL-01 Slimline Long Rake 



When choosing between Standard and Slimline picks, we suggest first considering the locks you will likely encounter.  As a general rule, Standard picks work well for most keyways here in the U.S., whereas Slimline picks are better suited for the more narrow keyways found in some countries outside of the U.S., such as in the U.K. and throughout Europe.  Also, we suggest considering your personal preferences:  Some users prefer a more rigid feel when picking, characteristic of the thicker, wider Standard picks, while other users prefer the extra room to work in a keyway when using the thinner, more narrow Slimline picks.

Our Pagoda Lock Pick series, inspired by the famed Bogota lock pick design, are comparable to our Slimline series, in regard to the picks’ dimensions.  They, too, are manufactured from .022” stainless steel, with more narrow profiles, and are well-suited for locks with narrow keyways.


From Top:  MBG-01; MBG-08; MBG-06; MBG-07; MBG-05; MBG-04


The Pagoda Lock Pick Set and individual lock picks can be found together here:  Pagoda Lock Picks.

Slimline and Standard Lock Pick Sets can be found together on our Lock Pick Sets page, and are divided into subcategories under the "Lock Pick Sets" heading.

Slimline and Standard Individual Lock Picks can also be found together, or divided into subcategories under the "Replacement / Single Lock Picks" heading.

To be continued…

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