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Benchmade Automatic Knives

RESTRICTED ITEMS: Due to federal regulations, automatic knives may only be sold to active Armed Forces members, Law Enforcement Officers, and Emergency Personnel (EMS and Fire Department). A copy of the customerís Military, Law Enforcement or Fire and Rescue ID will be required for all automatic knife purchases (a signed Proof of Service letter from the customerís military branch may be submitted in lieu of military ID).

Additionally, due to severe restrictions in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, no weapons of any kind may be shipped to these states, nor to residents of these states. For this reason, purchase of automatic knives will also require a copy of the customerís driverís license for proof of state residency.

3550 Pardue Auto: Plain Edge

3550 Pardue Auto: Plain Edge

UPC: 3550
Price: 195.00
Sale Price: $165.75
3150 Impel: Plain Edge

3150 Impel: Plain Edge

UPC: 3150
Price: 160.00
Sale Price: $136.00
3150BK Impel: Plain Edge/ BK1 Coated Blade

3150BK Impel: Plain Edge/ BK1 Coated Blade

UPC: 3150BK
Price: 175.00
Sale Price: $148.75


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